Information about CloudSale

How it works

How it works  

CloudSale Offers a B2C2B and e-procurement platform for SMEs, and a supply chain tool to track transactions for a more efficient working environment.

CloudSale is Reinventing Wholesale as we know it through digital transformation of the supply chain process for SMEs, enabling them to better internal communication to grow beyond their limitations, and contributing to the Knowledge economy.

Our model is, with the right strategic partners from both of the public and private sectors taking an important shares from the wholesale business to level the playground between tycoons and SMEs.

​A platform where wholesalers showcase by default all their products securely, where settlements happen via converting cash or credit to a state of electronic currency instantly transferable to other parties.

​Real-time comparing for specific items needed, creating comparison reports, and transferring ownership certificates, we serve SMEs as a connected procurement hub.

Solutions & Technology


CloudSale is powered by the Sharetribe marketplace platform.

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